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Slow Roasted “Turkish” Beef Tenderloin

This produces a perfectly cooked and seasoned Beef Tenderloin roast. I like to slow cook mine so the flavors “sear” into the meat and I get a perfectly roasted medium-rare serving of beef.


1 Whole beef tenderloin (4-6 pounds)

1-2 Tbsp. Olive Oil

3-4 Tbsp. U.G.S.S. “Turkish Blend”


  1. Preheat your oven to 275OF.

  2. Trim and tie up your beef tenderloin roast, if needed.

  3. Place the tenderloin roast on a sheet pan or roasting pan. Pat it dry with paper towels because not doing so will prevent the outside from searing properly. Brush the filet all over with the oil (depending on the size of the roast you may not need the full 2 Tbsp. of oil).

  4. Liberally sprinkle the tenderloin with UGSS Turkish Rub making sure that it adheres and is rubbed well into the meat. It may look like a lot of seasoning but, believe me, it will be make a difference in your final flavor and result.

  5. Roast the beef tenderloin for 75 to 90 minutes making sure to do a temperature check at the 75-minute mark. 125 degrees in the center will result in the meat being rare and 135 degrees will be medium-rare.

  6. Remove the roast from the oven, cover it with aluminum foil and allow it to “rest” for 20 minutes. This is important to allow the juices to redistribute inside the roast. Slice the meat into thick slices and serve with your choice of sides and sauces. The meat may be served warm or at room temperature.

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