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Stuff people ask us about at the Underground Spice Society (USS)
  • How should my USS herbs, spices and spice blends be stored?

All herbs, spices, and blends should be maintained in their current containers and stored in a cool, dark place.  Heat and light will degrade herbs and spices more quickly.  The humidity of refrigeration is also not good for storing most herbs and spices.


  • How long will my spices last?

We usually recommend that you use your herbs and spices within 12-18 months of purchase.  USS provides a “packed on date” on each of our containers.  Use this as a barometer for freshness.  The smell and flavors of herbs and spices will degrade over time so we usually recommend that you replace them within this period of time.


  • Are your products vegan and gluten free?

Right now 100% of our products are gluten free and all but Bitchin’ Chicken are Vegan.  If you have any question as to ingredients used, they are ALL listed in the ingredients section for every product.


  • I love your jars, can I refill them with more of the blends I like?

Of course, the USS offers resealable bags of all of our herbs, spices and blends that can be purchased and used to refill your jars.  These are offered at a discounted rate too.


  • Should I add salt and pepper to my food when using one of your blends?

No, our spice blends are fully seasoned and should have enough of these ingredients within them.  Only our Italian Herbs blend has no added salt or pepper.  Of course, if you have to add salt or pepper, you can do so at the table after sampling your delicious cooked food.


  • What is the best way to use a dry rub with meats?

Always wash and dry your meats before seasoning them.  Make sure your sink is clean and free of all other food items when doing this.  Immediately transfer your meats to paper towels to dry them.  Once reasonably dry, rub them with some olive oil and season them liberally with one of our spice rubs.  Rub it in and don’t be stingy.  No additional seasoning is required.  You can let them sit for an hour at room temperature or refrigerate them if not cooking immediately.  Cook as desired.


  • What if I’d rather marinate my meats or seafood?

Perfect, this works too!  Simply mix some of your favorite oil with a good spoonful of your USS Spice blend and pop in the protein of your choice.  Seafood can be marinated for 20-45 minutes and other proteins a bit longer.  Then simply cook as you desire. 


  • What is the best way to use a dry rub or spice blend for vegetables?

Veggies should be washed, trimmed of any imperfections, and thoroughly dried.  If roasting, rub on a favorite oil and then sprinkle them liberally with spice.  They are now ready for the oven.  If steaming or sauteing them, the spice or seasoning can be added during the cooking process and then taste and added more at the end of the cooking process, if needed.  Taste should determine when you have added enough!


  • Are you subject to Cottage Laws in Colorado?

Yes, and this product was produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to state licensure or inspection and that may also process common food allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, fish and crustacean shellfish.  Our USS products are not intended for resale.  As a chef, I take strict sanitation and safety precautions to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized prior to creating and packaging all USS products.


  • Can I phone in an order to you instead of placing it online?  

Due to the high order volume over the holidays we are not taking inbound phone orders at this time.  If you would like to place an order via phone, however, you can email us at and we will be glad to call you back to place your order.


  • Can I ship your products abroad? What is your shipping policy? 

Due to the shipping restrictions of food related products in many countries we are only shipping to US addresses within the 50 American states.  As soon as we recieve your order, we will begin fulfilling said order.  As soon as it is finished, we will ship the next business day.  Shipping usually take between 3-8 days depending on location.


  • Where is your company located?

We are located in beautiful Arvada, CO.  right outside of Denver. Our address is 5896 W. 74th Place, Arvada CO 80003.  All of our product is currently blended and shipped from this facility.

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